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09/16/2016 ARPA-E Award
PolyPlus Battery Company, in partnership with SCHOTT North America, has been selected for a grant award up to $5,250,000 by the United States Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency – energy (ARPA-e) to develop thin electrodes made of lithium foil protected by a flexible Li-ion conductive glass separator sheet.

Under this ARPA-e award, PolyPlus and SCHOTT will work together to enable rechargeable lithium battery performance of over 1000Wh/l and 400 Wh/kg. The approach is based on PolyPlus’ proprietary Li-metal/glass electrode technology, and takes full advantage of commercially scalable glass sheet manufacturing techniques to produce a highly conductive separator that prevents the formation and propagation of dendrites in a lithium metal battery cell.

10/26/2015 The Electrochemical Society
PolyPlus CEO/CTO Steve Visco was selected into the 2015 ECS Class of Fellows. These members were recognized for contributions to the advancement of science and technology, for leadership in electrochemical and solid state science and technology, and for active participation in the affairs of ECS.

09/09/2015 R&D Magazine
"PolyPlus is currently developing an aqueous lithium-sulfur battery with a projected performance of 600 Wh/l and 400 Wh/kg. The company’s Li-Air and Li-S technology is currently the most advanced in the field."

12/04/2014 Revolution-Green
"PolyPlus is developing rechargeable and non-rechargeable Li-Air, and Li-Seawater batteries based on protected Li electrodes. At a nominal potential of about 3 volts, the theoretical specific energy for a lithium/air battery is over 5000 Wh/kg."

10/01/2013 Berkeleyside
"Scientist Steven Visco and developer Patrick Kennedy received the inaugural Visionary Awards from the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce on Monday night in a casual ceremony at the startup accelerator Skydeck in downtown Berkeley."

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